AccuRAID AR316IS - 3U 16 Bay SAS/SATA to Quad Port GbE iSCSI * 4 RAID 6 Storage Rackmount

AccuRAID AR316IS - 3U 16 Bay SAS/SATA to Quad Port GbE iSCSI * 4 RAID 6 Storage Rackmount
AccuRAID AR316IS - 3U 16 Bay SAS/SATA to Quad Port GbE iSCSI * 4 RAID 6 Storage Rackmount
Item# KT-AR316IS

The AccuRAID AR316IS is a 3U 16-bay quad channel (4x GbE) iSCSI to SAS/SATA RAID subsystem. With built-in 4x 1Gb Ethernet ports supporting independent access, fail-over or load-balancing (802.3ad port trunking, LACP), AR316IS is capable of composing a high performance SAN environment with a fraction of the cost of Fibre Channel RAID storage systems. Supporting RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60 and JBOD, with global or dedicated hot spare disks, multiple hard drive failure could be protected without downtime or data loss.

The built-in powerful 64-bit RAID processor provides high performance through-put. The built-in Snapshot feature provides point-in-time copy of saved data without relying on the host software. Management is available via Web and Secure Web (HTTPS), SSH telnet or serial console, with built-in event notification via e-mail or SNMP trap. Redundant power supplies, cooling fans and controllers are part of the modularized design to allow redundancy as well as off-self spare parts to eliminate downtime. To increase the return of investment, AR316IS supports both SAS and SATA drives, providing solutions up to 64TB in total storage capacity. Intended to provide storage solution for IT and vitalization server computing with VMware vSphere or, Microsoft Hyper-V or Citrix with SCSI-3 persistent target and MPIO support, the AR316IS is a perfect solution for Storage Area Network needs in IT and other applications.

Note: Sans Digital recommends the use of enterprise hard drives when in use with any RAID controller applications. Standard desktop or green desktop drive may not be supported and may compromise RAID system stability and performance. For more information on the difference between RAID and desktop hard drives, please see the Western Digital knowledge base. For a list of compatible RAID Edition SATA hard drives, please refer to the list below:

  • Seagate 500GB (ST3500514NS) 
  • Seagate 750GB (ST3750330NS) 
  • Seagate 1TB (ST31000524NS) 
  • Seagate 2TB (ST32000644NS)
  • Western Digital 500GB (WD5002ABYS)  
  • Western Digital 1TB (WD1002FBYS) 
  • Western Digital 2TB (WD2003FYYS)
  • Hitachi 500GB (0F11000)
  • Hitachi 1TB (0A39289) 
  • Hitachi 2TB (0F10452)
  • Hitachi 3TB (0F12456)

  • Intel IOP 342 64-bit processor with 2GB on-board ECC cache memory
  • Up to 600MB/s and 120K IOPS performance.
  • SAS / SATA RAID 60 ASIC engine, providing the highest level of data protection.
  • Supports Quad Channel, or 4 * Gigabit Ethernet, supports 802.3ad port trunking, LACP.
  • Support SCSI-3 Persistent Target for Windows Server clustering.
  • Support VMware Sphere, ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix
  • Supports SAS or SATA Hard drives.
  • Redundant and hot-swappable power supply and cooling fans.
  • O/S-Independent and host transparent RAID solution.


  • Supports JBOD, RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60 with global and dedicated hot spare and multiple volumes.
  • RAID 6 tolerates multiple drive failures without downtime or data loss, providing the most advanced level of data protection.
  • Supports online array migration and online capacity expansion.
  • Hot swappable drives that support hot spare and automatic hot rebuilding with automatic drive insertion/ removal detection.
  • Built-in Snapshot and Windows Volume Shadow Copy Support (VSS).


  • Embedded enclosure management through WEB GUI, LCD control panel, and online RAID management via serial port.
  • Intuitive, yet comprehensive GUI for configuration and monitoring from remote and local locations.
  • Built-in event notifcation via e-mail and SNMP trap.
  • iSNS and DHCP supported

 Model  AR316IS
 Form Factor  3U Rackmount
 Controller  Single Controller
 HDD Trays  16 Hot-Swappable 3.5" (2.5" form factor supported via screw holes)
 RAID Level   0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60, JBOD
 Maximum Capacity  64TB
 Auto Rebuilding  Yes
 Hot-Spare  RAID 1, 1+0, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60
 Host Interface
 & Transfer Rate
 Quad Channel Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI (GbE iSCSI * 4)
 Expansion Ports  N/A
 Drive Interface  SAS or SATA
 Cooling Fan  2 Hot-Swappable Modules & Blowers
 Power Supply  500W X 2 Redundant
 Control Interface  LCD Panel, RS232, RJ-45 Ethernet
 Dimension (in)  19"W x 21"D x 5.5"H
 Weight (lb)  47
 Safety Regulations  CE, FCC, UL, RoHS
 Limited Warranty  3 Years
 Package Contents  Rackmount Rail (1 Set)
 Power Cords (2)
 Serial Cable (1)
 Hard Drive Mounting Screws (64)
 Printed User Guide or CD Manual (1)

 Model  AR316IS  AR316IS16E  AR316IS32E  AR316IS48E  AR316IS64E
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 1TB RAID Edition
 SATA * 16
 2TB RAID Edition
 SATA * 16
 3TB RAID Edition
 SATA * 16 
 4TB RAID Edition
 SATA * 16 
 Storage Size
 N/A  16TB  32TB  48TB  64TB

 Model  AR316IS AR316IS8S   AR316IS16S  AR316IS32S  AR316IS48S
 Hard Drive  No HDD
500GB SAS * 16   1TB  SAS * 16  2TB  SAS * 16  3TB  SAS * 16 
 Storage Size
 N/A 8TB  16TB  32TB  48TB

Model  AR316IS4K  AR316IS9K
 Hard Drive  300GB SAS
 15K RPM * 16
 600GB SAS
 15K RPM * 16
 Total Storage Size  4.8TB  9.6TB

Note: All hard drive bundles are pre-installed and tested before shipment. Hard drives are then packaged individually to avoid damage during shipping.