AccuSTOR AS316X6 - 3U 16 Bay Rackmount 6G SAS/SATA to 6G SAS JBOD with SAS Expander (Refurbished, 3 Months Warranty)

AccuSTOR AS316X6 - 3U 16 Bay Rackmount 6G SAS/SATA to 6G SAS JBOD with SAS Expander (Refurbished, 3 Months Warranty)
AccuSTOR AS316X6 - 3U 16 Bay Rackmount 6G SAS/SATA to 6G SAS JBOD with SAS Expander (Refurbished, 3 Months Warranty)
Item# ST-SAN-AS316X6-Refurbished
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Refurbished items may contain minor cosmetic damages that do not interfere with the functioning of the product. All refurbished items are burned-in and tested prior to being packaged to ensure maximum reliability.

The AccuSTOR AS316X6 is a 3U rack-mountable SAS JBOD rackmount for high capacity storage. Due to the wide selection of SAS RAID controllers and diverse controller interfaces, most JBOD units are unable to support detailed enclosure monitoring. This limitation delays the process of troubleshooting, where administrators are unable to promptly identify the problem at first glance. The AccuSTOR AS316X6 addresses this issue by incorporating a user selectable switch, allowing the unit to support monitoring via various brands of RAID controllers. Once the controller model has been determined via the selectable switch, the AS316X6 utilizes industry-standard SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) technology, to allow the communication between the rackmount and the host RAID adapter, without the need for additional monitoring software or hardware cable. Compatible RAID cards include: Intel SAS RAID, LSI MegaRAID, Dell PERC external SAS RAID, Areca 1680X or 1680iX series, ATTO ExpressSAS, Adaptec SAS RAID and 3ware SAS RAID controllers.

Note: Please allow 3 days for rackmount testing before shipment.
  • Cable-less & Modular Design - Cable-less backplane and controller module guarantees maximum data signal integrity, eliminating potential troubles by cable-wiring, for easy to service and maintenance.
  • Staggering Spin-Up - Built-in staggering spin-up for hard drives during power up, extending the life / duty cycle of the hard drives and power supply.
  • LCD Display & Enclosure ID - Built-in LCD displays critical enclosure information. The LCD displays the ID of the enclosure, where each enclosure could be easily identified in a multiple-enclosure environment.
  • Enclosure Management (SES) - Utilizes industry standard SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) to monitor enclosure and disk environmental conditions. SES is also used by the enclosure to communicate with the host RAID adapter to display enclosure information within the RAID management console.
  • Scalability - Supports up to 4 enclosures chained together for capacity expansion.
  • Multi-purposes - Supports both SAS (Serial SCSI) or SATA hard drives to meet the requirements of different applications with different price/performance characteristics. Cost-effective SATA drives could be used for capacity orientated storage such as disk-to-disk backup, data-archiving, and digital video editing. Enterprise level SAS drives could be employed for I/O intensive applications such as transactional databases.
  • Enclosure Craftsmanship - Compact 2U x 12-bay with very short depth (18.12), Built with durable metal material. Excellent cooling with minimal noise.
  • Wide Range RAID Adapters Support - Compatible with Areca ARC-1680X, LSI SAS MegaRAID, Intel SAS RAID, Adaptec SAS RAID, and 3Ware SAS RAID adapters.
 Model  AS316X6
 Form Factor  3U Rackmount
 HDD Trays  16 Hot-Swappable 3.5"
 RAID Level  JBOD (RAID is supported by additional RAID card)
 Maximum Capacity  64TB, Expandable to 196TB
 Host Interface & Transfer Rate  SAS, Mini-SAS / SFF-8088 x 1
 Expansion Ports  Mini-SAS / SFF-8088 x 1 (Up to 4 units supported)
 Drive Interface  SAS / SATA
 Supported RAID Controllers  Areca Technologies
 Dell Perc SAS RAID
 Adaptec SAS RAID
 Cooling Fan  2 Hot-Swappable Modules & Blowers
 Power Supply  500W X 2 Redundant
 Controller Interface  LCD, through RAID Controller
 Status Indicators  Hard Drive & Failure LEDs
 Dimension (in)  22.00 D x 18.99 W x 5.25"H
 Weight (lb)  42.0
 Safety Regulations  CE, FCC, UL, RoHS
 Limited Warranty  3 months
 Model  AS316X6  AS316X616E  AS316X632E  AS316X648E  AS316X664E
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 Total Storage Size  N/A  16TB  32TB  48TB  64TB

 Model  AS316X6  AS316X68S  AS316X616S  AS316X632S  AS316X648S 
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 500GB SAS
 SATA * 12
 SATA * 12
 SATA * 12 
 SATA * 12 
 Total Storage Size  N/A  8TB  16TB  32TB  48TB

Note: All hard drive bundles are pre-installed and tested before shipment. Hard drives are then packaged individually to avoid damage during shipping.