AccuNAS AN208L - Linux NAS + iSCSI 2U 8 Bay Storage Rackmount

AccuNAS AN208L - Linux NAS + iSCSI 2U 8 Bay Storage Rackmount
AccuNAS AN208L - Linux NAS + iSCSI 2U 8 Bay Storage Rackmount
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The AccuNAS AN208L Linux Series offers comprehensive NAS in a feature-dense 2U server with Intel Penitum Dual Core CPU. A performance tuned Linux-based server operating system with unlimited clients, up to 16TB storage, PCI-X expansion, dual Gigabit Ethernet let AccuNAS satisfy any network storage need. Get enterprise-class features and stability with AccuNAS series.

Note: Please allow 3 days for rackmount testing before shipment.
System OS & Reliablity Features

  • Linux based Journaling file systems:  XFS or Reiserfs user selectable per volume (note #1)
  • OS resides on DOM (Disk-on-Module) or CF card, not subject to mechanical tear & wear similar to hard drives.
  • Dual NICs supports 7 modes of network port bonding: Teaming for Load-Balancing & Fail-Over, 802.3ad, etc
  • Support RAID-1 & RAID-5,  0+1,HotSpare, HDD Hot-Swap, and Auto-Rebuild
  • Remote system monitoring for Fan status, Temperatures, RAID status, HDD status, Network connectivity status, etc
  • Auto email notification for pre-defined events
  • Optional NAS-to-NAS Mirroring & Auto-Failover over LAN

OS / Protocol/ Service Support

  • Supports Client File SystemSMB, CIFS, NFS, AFP 3.1, FTP
  • Support Network Transport ProtocolsTCP/IP, SNMP MIBII, AppleTalk, NTP, DHCP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Support Network services WINS, DHCP, NIS, LDAP, NTP Server, SNMP MIBII, UPS

User / Account Info, Authentication, & Security

  • Maximum number of user accounts: 60,000
  • Maximum number of characters for user name: 31 characters
  • Maximum number of characters for user password: 128 characters
  • Local user account supported with “Home” Directory
  • Windows ADS / PDC / Workgroup supported
  • Multi User IDs supported for Windows ADS administrators
  • ACL – Access Control List supported
  • NIS – Network Information Services for Unix/Linux supported 
  • LDAP supported
  • User Level & Folder Level security 
  • HTTPS/SSL Service supported
  • Host (IP) filtering

Storage & Volumne Management

  • Large Capacity Volume Support - Supports up to 24TB per single volume for LA models
    Supports over/beyond 24TB per single volume for LG models (note #3)
  • Multiple Volumes - Supports up to total of 80 volumes per NAS; and 33 volumes per physical LUN. Total capacity can be divided up between iSCSI volumes and NAS volumes.
  • Flexible & Powerful RAID Configuration - Remote email notification for disk failure, plus alert by audio alarm RAID controller supports S.M.A.R.T. monitoring and remote notification
    • For LB models: internal hardware RAID controller with RAID-0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 0+1, and + Hot-Spare
    • For LG models: external hardware RAID boxes with RAID-0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 0+1, and Hot-Spare
    • For LG models: RAID-on-RAID feature supported. Volume-Manager can select one of the following RAID configurations for volumes from external RAIDs or iSCSI targets:
      • RAID-0 to aggregate external volumes/LUNs for high data throughput.
      • RAID-1 to mirror two external volumes/LUNs for extra redundancy.
      • One-on-One just simply create One NAS volume on each external volume/LUN
      • Spanning/Pooling/LinearRAID just simply create a big volume
  • Capacity Scalable - LG models natively support external RAID boxes via interfaces of: U320 SCSI, 4Gb Fibre FC, iSCSI. LB models support LG-Enabling with optional license upgrade.
  • Quota Assignment - Supports storage quota assignments to individual group or to individual users.
  • Volume Snapshots - Supports multiple Snapshots for ‘point-in-time” user data image against accidental user file deletion and data corruption or virus attack. Snapshot can be scheduled or on-demand.
  • Multiple NAS Aggregation - Existing NAS can also grow its capacity by utilizing its iSCSI initiator, and make the new NAS as an iSCSI target, then mount it into the existing NAS as if it is part of the local storage, and then grow the existing volume.

Easy Deployment, Setup, & Maintainance

  • NAS-Finder, the included NAS discovery tool will automatically discover any and all NAS units in the local network, and allow Administrator to manually add an entry for remote NAS unit over internet/VPN/WAN.
  • Use Web Browser for Admin to open the Administrator Web GUI page, no need to know any thing about the OS itself. Supported Web Browser: IE6 and up for Windows, Firefox/Mozila for Linux
  • “One Click” on-line OS upgrade and patch installation
  • Incorporated Web GUI for the hardware RAID controller setup and management
  • Detail and Intuitive Event Log
  • Downloadable System Log can be saved and email to manufacturer for analysis just in case.
  • NAS resource utilization status can be viewed from the administrator Web GUI
  • On-Line Users and Folder-being-accessed  can be viewed from the administrator Web GUI

Data Protection & Backup

  • NAS-to-NAS Folder Replicator included for NAS-to-NAS Folder/File Replication over LAN, WAN or VPN/Internet for remote data redundancy. It is Scheduled and Block-Level/File-Based with Versioning, or Full Replication with Compression, Throttle Control and Bandwidth Control.
  • NAS-to-NAS Mirroring/Failover is an optional function that allows two(2) NAS units to be mirrored in the same LAN and provides one virtual IP to clients for data accessing. In case the primary NAS has failed, the secondary NAS will automatically take over. The mirroring and failover is automatic and transparent, so data accessing to clients is uninterrupted.
  • NAS-to-NAS Remote Volume Async Mirroring  is an optional function that allows a volume of the local NAS to be mirrored to another volume in a remote NAS over LAN, WAN or VPN/Internet.
  • RAID-on-RAID  function on volume manager allows you  to mirror(RAID-1) two LUNs from external RAID storage boxes to provide extra redundancy
  • Volume Snapshot allows Admin to automatically create multiple and scheduled “point-in-time” Snapshots of a NAS volume. The copy of the snapshot can be transferred and stored elsewhere for backup/restore purposes. Snapshot-on-demand is also supported.
  • System Configuration Backup & Restore. NAS system configuration includes: volume configuration and user info. It can be saved to Admin’s computer and stored elsewhere. In case of hardware failure, a new NAS unit can replace an old one, by using the “Restoring” option on the admin web GUI. (system configuration can easily restored from this backup)
  • USB Backup allows backup to USB attached disk devices.
  • Local Tape Backup. Rackmount models allow installation of optional PCI SCSI HBA for external SCSI Tape drive/auto-loader/library to support local tape backup.
  • 3rd Party Backup Agent Support. The NAS includes RPM as part of the OS, so most of the 3rd party backup agents should be able to install, such as: Netbackup, Backupexec, Amanda, BRU, Legato’s Network client, etc.

Fully Interoperable

  • All models of Sans Digital Linux NAS product line are fully interoperable for folder replications.
  • Can be deployed across multiple remote offices & locations.
  • A major building block for a  total enterprise solution from Sans Digital Linux NAS.

iSCSI – Target & Initiator

  • iSCSI Target function allows a certain portion(s) of the storage to be partitioned as iSCSI volume(s) and assigned to specific host computer, appearing as if a local disk to that host computer and provides block device services instead of file services.
  • iSCSI initiator function allows the NAS to mount remote iSCSI target volume as its local physical storage, and then create NAS volumes or iSCSI volumes on top of it.
  • Combination of iSCSI Target and Initiator support between multiple NAS units can be used as one of the method to do Multi-NAS-Aggregation for capacity scalability.


  • Linux based OS specificaly made for NAS application.
  • 2.8GHz Pentium D CPU.
  • 1GB DDR2 Memory, upgradeable to 8GB maximum.
  • Up to 8TB of storage capacity, support latest 1TB SATA II hard drive.
  • Areca Hardware RAID engine for Data Redundancy.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Easy to use Web Browser GUI to setup, access and monitor the NAS.
  • Excellent file transfer rate for all types of protocols:  NFS, AFP, CIFS and FTP.
  • Robust Journaling File Systems – XFS or Reiserfs, user selectable per volume.
  • File-sharing for clients across various OS platforms.
  • Support Teaming/Failover over 2 or more Gigabit NICs.
  • Support Hardware RAID-0, 1, 5, 6, 10, plus HotSpare.
  • Capacity scalable via direct-attach external RAID or via remote iSCSI targets.
  • RAID-on-RAID for external volumes.
  • OS on DOM (Disk-on-Module) or CompactFlash card without mechanical wear and tear.
  • Multiple Volume Snapshots, Schedulable or Snapshot -On-Demand.
  • Remote Monitoring and Remote Email Notifications.
  • NAS-to-NAS Mirroring with Automatic Failover.
  • NAS-to-NAS Folder Replication: Real-Time-Async, Scheduled Differential and Scheduled Full Copy with Compression & Throttle Control.
  • Include iSCSI target & initiator functions.
  • Built-in NPT server.
 Model  AN208L
 Form Factor  2U Rackmount
 Processor  2.8Ghz Pentium-D 2x1MB Cache 800 FSB
 Memory  1GB DDR 2 ECC Memory, Upgradeable to 8GB
 RAID Level  Hardware RAID 5 on PCI-E Adatpter
 RAID Engine  Areca Chipset Engine RAID PCI-E Controller Card
 Maximum Capacity  16TB
 Available Expansion Slot   4 x PCI-X 133
 Hot-Swappable  Yes
 Chipset  Intel 3010 (Mukilteo-2P) chipset
 Network  On-board 2 x 1000/100/10 (Intel® 82573V)
 Supports Teaming over 2 ports
 Hard Drive Trays Supported  8 x SATA HDD trays
 Hot-Swappable  Hot-Swap
 Power Supply  550W 2+1 Hot-swap redundant power supply
 Status Indicators  Power LED, Network LED, HDD LED
 Dimension (in)  3.5"(H) x 19"(W) x 28"(D)
 Weight (lb)  45 lb without HDDs installed
 Certifications & Compliance  FCC, CE, UL, RoHS
 Limited Warranty  2 Years
 Model Name  AN208LB  AN208L4T  AN208L8T  AN208L12T  AN208L16T  AN208LG
 Network Appliance  Network
 OS  Linux 2.6.xx based OS specificaly made for NAS application
 CPU  2.8Ghz Pentium-D 2x2MB Cache 800 FSB
 Memory  1GB DDR-2 ECC Memory
 RAID Structure  Hardware RAID Support RAID 0, 1, 5 and 6
 RAID Controller Card  Areca RAID PCIe Controller Card
 Avaliable Expansions Slot  4 x PCI-X 133
 Hard Drives Trays  8 * Hot-Swappable SATA Hard Drive
 Hard Drives  No HDD
 HDD * 8
 HDD * 8
 HDD * 8
 HDD * 8
 No Internal

 Provided by
 External RAID
 Total Storage  N/A  4TB  8TB  12TB  16TB  Virtually

Note: Please allow 3 days for hard drive installation and testing.

Note: All hard drive bundles are pre-installed and tested before shipment. Hard drives are then packaged individually to avoid damage during shipping.