AN12L+B - 64bit 12 Bay iSCSI and Windows/MAC/Linux Files Shared Dual Gigabit NAS Server (Black)

AN12L+B - 64bit 12 Bay iSCSI and Windows/MAC/Linux Files Shared Dual Gigabit NAS Server (Black)
AN12L+B - 64bit 12 Bay iSCSI and Windows/MAC/Linux Files Shared Dual Gigabit NAS Server (Black)
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The AN12L+B is a performance tuned Windows/MAC/Linux files sharing NAS server dual Gigabit server for high capacity share data storage. Much more advanced than most 12-bay network share + iSCSI towers on the market, the AN12L+B utilizes the power of Intel CPU and 4GB of DDR III memory, to provide exceptionally fast performance. With increased CPU processing power, the AN12L+B is capable of providing enterprise-level features such as iSCSI initiator and target support, snapshot with scheduling, and real-time folder-to-folder replication. Along with built-in RAID 5 and 6, the AN12L+B provides enterprise-class features that are normally not included in product of such price range.

Note: Sans Digital recommends the use of enterprise hard drives when in use with any RAID controller applications. Standard desktop or green desktop drive may not be supported and may compromise RAID system stability and performance. For more information on the difference between RAID and desktop hard drives, please see the Western Digital knowledge base. For a list of compatible RAID Edition SATA hard drives, please CLICK HERE.

Dual Gigabit and RAID Hard Drives Protection
AN12L+B is designed with simple setup and easy maintenance features in mind. Features such as installation wizard for easy implementation out of the box, convenient web-based management for local or remote configuration, Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports supporting teaming and fail-over redundancy plus RAID protection for your data storage making the AN12L+B a very robust yet easy to use Windows/MAC/Linux file sharing server system.

Feature Rich Data Storage - Built-in Snapshot, Folder Replication and iSCSI
In comparison to other products in the market, AN12L+B is bundled with many enterprise level advanced features without  the additional cost. For example, iSCSI target support for iSCSI applications, iSCSI initiator support for future data storage expansion, folder to folder replication, scheduled or on-demand volume snapshot and local tape backup support just to name a few.

iSCSI Support for VMware
To take advantage of centralized storage for all virtual machines in VMware ESX or Vsphere, the AN12L+B can be uses as a focal storage point for the VMWare ESX or ESXi sever hosting multiple virtual machines.  Utilizing the AN12L+B as an iSCSI target storage system for the VMware ESX/ESXi server, the AN12L+B is ready for your VMware storage virtualization needs.


  • Operating system specifically design for Windows/MAC/Linux file sharing NAS and iSCSI application.
  • 4GB DDR3 memory.
  • Supports up to a total of 48TB (Raw) SATA hard drive (4TB x 12 HDD)
  • RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5 and 6 with spare.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Convenient setup and easy maintenance.
    • IP discovery tools for easy deployment.
    • Web GUI configuration interface supporting Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
    • Informational Event Log for diagnostics.
    • Supports local user account.
    • Supports Windows Active Directory Service or Primary Domain Server and Workgroup.
    • Supports HTTPS/SSL service.
  • Storage protection.
    • Designed with Linux based Journaling file system (XFS).
    • Folder to folder replication supporting scheduling with multiple versions or full replication with bandwidth control.
    • Supports scheduled or on-demand volume snapshot.
    • System configuration backup and restore.
    • Supports Local Tape backup, 3rd party backup agent.
  • Supports iSCSI.
    • Supports iSCSI target and initiator.
    • Supports VMware ESX Server 4.0/4.1 5.0/5.1 or Microsoft Hyper-V Server or Citrix XGen Server.

 Model  AN12L+B
 Form Factor  12 Bay Enclosure
 Memory  4GB DDR-3 Memory
 RAID Level  0, 1, 1+0, 5, 6
 RAID Engine  Software Embedded RAID Engine
 Maximum Capacity  48TB
 Hot-Swappable  Yes
 Ethernet Port  10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Ports x2 (Intel Chipset Gigabit Ethernet)
 Hard Drive Trays Supported  12 x SATA HDD trays
 Power Supply  400W (100V to 230V)
 Control Interface  Web Browser - Supporting IE and Firefox
 Dimension (in)  13.0"D x 8"W x 20"H
 Weight (lb)  32.0
 Safety Regulations  CE, FCC, UL, RoHS
 Limited Warranty  1 Year
 Package Contents  AN12L+B (1)
 Power Cable (1)
 CD & Manual (1)
 HD Tray Keys (1)
 Removable Trays (6)

 Model Name  AN12L+B  AN12L+B12E  AN12L+B24E  AN12L+B36E  AN12L+B48E 
 OS  64bit Windows/MAC/Linux file sharing NAS + iSCSI OS specifically made for file sharing and iSCSI application
 Memory  4GB DDR-3 Memory
 RAID Structure  RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 6
 Ethernet Ports  10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet *2
 Hard Drives Trays  12 * Hot-Swappable SATA Hard Drive
 Hard Drives  No HDD
 Total Storage  N/A  6TB  12TB  18TB  24TB