EliteSTOR ES208X+BE - 2U 8 Bay SAS/SATA to SAS JBOD with SAS Expander Rackmount

EliteSTOR ES208X+BE - 2U 8 Bay SAS/SATA to SAS JBOD with SAS Expander Rackmount
EliteSTOR ES208X+BE - 2U 8 Bay SAS/SATA to SAS JBOD with SAS Expander Rackmount
Item# ST-SAN-ES208XplusBe
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The EliteSTOR ES208X+BE is a 2U rack-mountable SAS JBOD rackmount for high capacity storage solution. By utilizing latest SAS expander technology, it supports up to 8 SAS or SATA drives using only single mini-SAS cable. The unit is designed with 2 SAS expansion ports, allowing up to 7 units or 56 drives connected together. Its SAS expander technology is widely used in SAS host bus adaptors and RAID controller cards. Compatible RAID card brands include: Intel SAS RAID, LSI MegaRAID, Dell PERC external SAS RAID, Areca 1680X or 1680iX series, and ATTO ExpressSAS RAID. With a high performance RAID controller card, such as Areca ARC-1680X or LSI 9280-8E, the ES208X+BE is capable of delivering over 650MB/s in read and write performance. System status information are provided by the LED, including hard drives, power supply and cooling fan status. All necessary hardware are included, including mini-SAS cable, hard drives tray modules and built-in mounting rail. The ES208X+BE is an ideal storage expansion solution for servers or high performance video editing workstations.

Unique Features

  • SAS Expander Technology - Connect 8 SAS or SATA drives with only a single cable to eliminate point of failure. SAS controller is required.
  • Staggering Spin-Up - Built-in staggering spin-up for hard drives during power up, extending the life / duty cycle of the hard drives and power supply.
  • Support Industry Standard SGPIO - Utilizes industry standard Serial General Purpose Input/Output (SGPIO) to provide the hard drives status. Hard drives activity and fail status can transfer using the mini-SAS connection cable, so that no extra cable is needed.
  • Scalability - Supports up to 7 enclosures chained together for capacity expansion.
  • Multi-purposes - Supports both SAS (Serial SCSI) and SATA hard drives to meet the requirements of different applications with different price/performance characteristics. Cost-effective SATA drives could be used for capacity orientated storage such as disk-to-disk backup, data-archiving, and digital video editing. Enterprise level SAS drives could be employed for I/O intensive applications such as transactional databases.
  • All hardware is included - Mini-SAS cable, cooling fan, tray modules and build-in mounting rail are included. By connecting to a SAS controller and hard drives will instantly increase the storage space.
  • Wide Range RAID Adapters Support - Compatible with Areca ARC-1223X/ARC-1882X, LSI SAS MegaRAID, Intel SAS RAID, Adaptec SAS RAID, and 3Ware SAS RAID Adapters.
 Model  ES208X+BE
 Form Factor  2U Rackmount
 HDD Trays  8 Hot-Swappable 3.5"
 RAID Level  JBOD (RAID is supported by additional RAID card)
 Maximum Capacity  24TB, Expandable to 168TB
 Drive Interface  SAS or SATA
 Supported RAID Controller  Areca ARC-1223X
Areca ARC-1882X
Dell Perc SAS RAID
 Host Interface & Transfer Rate  SAS Expander, Mini-SAS / SFF-8088 x 1
 Expansion Ports  Mini-SAS / SFF-8088 x 1 (Up to 7 units supported)
 Cooling Fan  3" Cooling fan * 2, 2.5" Cooling fan * 1 from Power Supply
 Power Supply  460W (100V~240V)
 Controller Interface  Via RAID Controller
 Status Indicators  Hard Drive & Failure LEDs
 Dimension (in)  3.5 H x 19 W x 23 D
 Weight (lb)  35.0
 Safety Regulations  CE, FCC, UL, RoHS
 Limited Warranty  3 Years
 Model  ES208X+BE  ES208X+BE4E  ES208X+BE8E  ES208X+BE16E  ES208X+BE24E
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 500GB RAID Edition
 SATA * 8
 1TB RAID Edition
 SATA * 8
 2TB RAID Edition
 SATA * 8
 3TB RAID Edition
 SATA * 8
 Total Storage Size  N/A  4TB  8TB  16TB  24TB

 Model  ES208X+BE  ES208X+BE4S  ES208X+BE8S  ES208X+BE16S  ES208X+BE24S
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 500GB SAS
 SATA * 8
 SATA * 8
 SATA * 8
 SATA * 8
 Total Storage Size  N/A  4TB  8TB  16TB  24TB

Note: All hard drive bundles are pre-installed and tested before shipment. Hard drives are then packaged individually to avoid damage during shipping.