MobileNAS MN4L+B2G - Linux NAS + iSCSI 4 Bay Storage Tower w/ 2GB Memory (Black)

MobileNAS MN4L+B2G - Linux NAS + iSCSI 4 Bay Storage Tower w/ 2GB Memory (Black)
MobileNAS MN4L+B2G - Linux NAS + iSCSI 4 Bay Storage Tower w/ 2GB Memory (Black)
Item# KT-MN4LplusB2G
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The MobileNAS MN4L+B2G Series offers a performance tuned Network Attached Storage for high capacity network based data storage. More enhanced than most of the 4 bay tower NAS on the market, the MN4L+B2G utilizes the power of Intel CPU and 2GB of DDR II memory to provide an exceptionally faster performance. With the increasing processing power, MN4L+B2G is able to provide enterprise level features, such as iSCSI initiator and target support, snapshot with scheduling, and real-time NAS-to-NAS folder replication. Supporting up to 8TB in hard drive capacity, along with built-in RAID 5 and RAID 6, the MN4L+B2G possesses enterprise-class features and stability.
Gigabit Ethernet and RAID Support

Designed with high availability and low TOC in mind, MobileNAS MN4L+B2G is built with easy setup and maintenance features. With 10/100/1000 network support for high performance networking, and up to RAID 6 mode, The MN4L+B2G is a simple to use and trouble-free unit.

  • 4 Bay NAS utilizing Intel Pentium M CPU and 2GB II DDR memory for ultimate performance.
  • Built-in account management allows safe data keeping by giving read-only or full read/write to specific per mission to users or group.
  • One eSATA, two USB 2.0 & one Firewire 400 exteral hard drive expansion ports.
  • Built-in snapshot, NAS-to-NAS folder replication, iSCSI initiator and target supoort.
  • Utilizing the latest SATA II technology the MN4L+B2G supports hot-swap with RAID I (mirroring), RAID 0 (stripping), and RAID RAID 1+0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 allowing the protection against hard drive failures or expanding usable drive space.
 Model  MN4L+B2G
 Form Factor  4 Bay Enclosure
 Processor  Intel Mobile Processor 1.2 GHz or above
 Memory  2GB DDR-2 Memory, up to 2GB
 RAID Level  0, 1, 1+0, 5, 6
 RAID Engine  Software Embedded RAID Engine
 Maximum Capacity  8TB
 Available Expansion Port  eSATA x 1, USB 2.0 x 2
 Hot-Swappable  Yes
 Chipset  Intel 915
 Network  10/100/1000 Gigabit Network * 1
 Hard Drive Trays  4 x SATA
 Power Supply  120W (100V - 120V) AC Powder Adaptor
 Control Interface  Web Browser - Supporting IE and Firefox
 Dimension (in)  7.0"W x 8.5 "D x 7.0 "H
 Weight (lb)  9.0
 Safety Regulations  CE, FCC, UL, RoHS
 Limited Warranty  1 Year
Desktop Hard Drive Bundles
 Model  MN4L+B2G  MN4L+B2G2T  MN4L+B2G4T  MN4L+B2G6T  MN4L+B2G8T
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 500GB Desktop
 SATA II * 4
 1TB Desktop
 SATA II * 4
 1.5TB Desktop
 SATA II * 4
 2TB Desktop
 SATA II * 4
 Total Storage Size  N/A  2TB  4TB  6TB  8TB

Enterprise Hard Drive Bundles
 Model  MN4L+B2G  MN4L+B2G2T  MN4L+B2G4T  MN4L+B2G8T
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 SATA II * 4
 SATA II * 4
 SATA II * 4
 Total Storage Size  N/A  2TB  4TB  8TB

Note: Please allow up to 3 days for hard drive installation and testing.

Note: All hard drive bundles are pre-installed and tested before shipment. Hard drives are then packaged individually to avoid damage during shipping.