Video Asset Management VA308-8E - 7TB RAID 5 Protected Digital Content Appliance w/ LTO-5

Video Asset Management VA308-8E - 7TB RAID 5 Protected Digital Content Appliance w/ LTO-5
Video Asset Management VA308-8E - 7TB RAID 5 Protected Digital Content Appliance w/ LTO-5
Item# VA308-8E

The Sans Digital Video Asset Management VAM series VA308-8E is special built 3U Rackmount, 7TB RAID-5 protected appliance with LTO-5 tape drives build-in, uniquely designed to support production workflows and efficiently and effectively manage the continually growing pool of production videos that entertainment industry organizations create and have to manage. VA308-8E is a affordable, professional grade, network storage archive systems are designed to tackle the media management needs of video professionals.

Build upon the Sans Digital Video Asset Management Software, VA308-8E provides ready to deploy storage appliance for creative professionals. Specifically designed to support video content management for production video workflows, it manages video data and tracks all of its metadata and associated files. It recognizes and supports data from today's leading video editing solutions, including Final Cut Pro, Avid, and others. VA308-8E also recognizes other standard video formats, such as mpg, wma, mov, and more. Once video file assets are ingested and cataloged within the federated video database, user-configurable policies then migrate and replicate the video assets to less-costly build-in LTO-5 tape, immediately generating a greater return on investment of storage resources.

Many video files contain extractable context as well as content file-specific metadata that can be used to identify a particular file or group of files. The video and entertainment industry has evolved its own set of additional context metadata, such as shoot date, edit date, closed caption information, frame rate, lab references, edit decision lists (EDLs), clapper board information, shot markings, subtitling and VA308-8E incorporates that metadata (and a whole lot more) into the post-production process allowing for the rapid and relevant search and retrieval of needed assets. Once in the VA308-8E's storage database, metadata information follows actual video file assets as they move from the primary storage resources to subsequent storage locations.

Creating video associated logging entries for specific clips allows a user to add and save notes about the content of the video that is being viewed. These notes are turned into logs which are grouped together and associated with the selected video. Each log can be saved as a simple text file that can be used and viewed even if the Media Viewer is not available. Multiple users are able to work on a project and save all of the work together in a single location. Once logs have been created, they become searchable content and can be entered as search criteria in the main Sans Digital VAM search tab.

As video data is ingested into the VA308-8E, Sans Digital VAM creates thumbnail representations from frames within the video as well as a low-resolution "proxy" version of each file. A simple click on a thumbnail launches the low-resolution proxy file in the Sans Digital VAM's Media Viewer, making it easy to determine whether the correct file has been located as well as the desired sequence within a file. The Media Viewer enables the user to view files at variable speeds, search metadata content, navigate to a particular point in a file, and clip particular parts of files for export. Thumbnails and low-resolution proxies also enable the user to search video files that have been moved offline.

Once identified, requested video files are exported into the Export Queue, where further details concerning how the files are to be processed and exported can be defined. If data is needed for further production processing, for example, it can be retrieved to any network location. Other options include sending the data to a transcribing or publishing system, FTP site, or network storage location. The operation of these and other operations within Sans Digital VAM are as easy as point, click, drag, and drop.

These tools provide the organization with the ability to significantly increase the re-purposing and utilization of digital video assets. Sans Digital VAM gives you control.

Sans Digital's VA308-8E is also compatible with any additional Sans Digital VAM systems add to the network, adding unlimited expansion feature to the all video asset. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  for other customized VAM solutions.

Main Features 

    • 3U rackmount form factor 
    • 7TB RAID-5 protected appliance with LTO-5 build-in 
    • Unlimited Clients supported in Windows and Apple MAC environments.
    • Pay as you growth: additional VAM units can add at later times to growth the storage pool, while manages and search all units in a single pool, single interfaces.
    • Support LTO-5 tapes for archiving options.
    • Automatically low resolution proxy files generations.
    • Production video data is protected on a regular basis.
    • Locating required video data is quick and easy because search queries can utilize a much broader set of identification criteria using metadata.
    • Initial video data recognition from search results is easy with visual reference files.
    • Confirming that you have found a required video file in search results is fast and conclusive using the playable proxy file.
    • Defining a clip within a video file to be extracted using the provided video player/editor is very efficient.
    • Staging video files for retrieval is easy with the export queue.
    • Exporting video data to post processing systems, such as transcoders or publishing systems is simple using the export configuration tool.
    • Video production workflow processes maintain their original form because the software supports native attributes common to the discipline.
    • Video production storage environments can comprise a mix of storage resource mediums that meet the storage and performance needs of the environment while reducing overall costs.
    • Video data is managed efficiently by data service policies that use the data’s native attribute elements as trigger parameter

Ready to Deploy

    • No third party software required
    • Plug and Play Appliance
    • No user licensing
    • Half the price of other bundled products
    • No hidden costs

Features Rich Appliance

    • No client licensing
    • Manage all forms of digital media including video, audio, image stills, and data documents
    • Create frame accurate, searchable, low-resolution proxies of high resolution video content
    • Simple user-friendly search, retrieve, and content repurposing GUIs
    • Unlimited user definable metadata, including drop-down select lists and mandatory fields
    • Aggregate all types of content into searchable groups
    • Integrate with third party applications including edit and scheduling systems
    • Easily archive and deliver content to edit systems and play-to-air servers
    • Single Platform - No need to kludge together other applications
    • Provide for partial file restores from all tiers of storage including LTO or RDX libraries
    • Create a federated information repository
    • Closed caption extraction, search, and preview
    • Create custom exports to other third party systems
    • Supports SHA256 checksum for file integrity during ingest
    • Create best practice archive and disaster recovery scenarios
    • Share managed storage resources between multiple users, departments, and facilities
    • Connect and manage all islands of unique storage systems
    • Create automated policies to backup, migrate, or replicate across all tiers of storage
    • Ensure file integrity during moves and backups
    • Migrate or replicate content based on specific criteria such as date, last use, size, and more
    • Index existing data stored on local devices for easier searchability
    • Rest assured, your assets are properly managed and protected

 Model  VA308-8E
 Form Factor  3U Rackmount form factor
 CPU  Intel Xeon Processor (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI, 6-core, 12 thread)
 Memory  24GB DDR-3 ECC Memory
 Network Port  Gigabit Ethernet * 2
 OS  Windows 7 Professional 
 Expansion Interface  SAS Expansion Port * 1
 USB Ports  USB 2.0 ports
 Maximum Capacity  7TB Usable (RAID-5 Protected, 1TB * 8 Enterprise Hard Drives)
 RAID Level  RAID 5
 Offline media support

 1 * LTO-5 Tape drives build-in
 Optional Seconday LTO-5 Tape Drives

 Optional LTO-5 Tape library

 Optional LTO-6 upgrade

 Client Software Support  Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, 2008 and Win. 7
 Mac Pro OS 10.5 or above
 Client Software License   Unlimited (Video digital assets can be ingest and search in any computer in the network) 
 Dimension (in)  19" x 7" x 26"
 Weight (lb)  54 lb.
 Limited Warranty  3 Year
 Package Contents  VA308-8E Unit
 Power Cable
 Manual and User Guide